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National climate city contracts to accelerate Swedish cities transition to climate neutrality 2030

Published: 12 April 2023
Viable Cities is a strategic innovation programme focusing on the transition to climate-neutral and sustainable cities. Get to know how they support the Cities Mission among 23 Swedish municipalities!

BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) Örebro

Published: 2 June 2021
If we continue to travel as we do today, as half of all trips made in Örebro are car journeys, the number of trips by car increases by about 35%. With such an increase, the existing space in our street and traffic system is not enough. We need to stop this development with more vehicles and focus on a efficient solution for how people will be able to transport themselves through the city in the future.

UBC cities are ramping up their efforts on the way towards climate neutrality

Published: 5 February 2021
In the meantime, despite the uncertainty brought by COVID-19, we cannot say enough how happy we are to see 23 UBC cities disclosing and staying committed to their climate change mitigation efforts. In 2020 we saw 3 newcomers (Bergen, Porvoo, Tallinn) whom we would like to congratulate joining the disclosure and climate action for the better future. The UBC cities disclosing their data in 2020 were,

UBC cities continue as climate smart forerunners

Published: 3 May 2019
New report on UBC cities’ environmental data disclosure to CDP highlights increased interest in resilience and growing ambition in climate mitigation and adaptation among the cities.

UBC cities continue as transparent climate leaders in the Baltic Sea Region

Published: 12 October 2018
Back in 2016, UBC and CDP agreed upon collaboration between the two organizations with the first cooperation activities taking place in spring 2017. As a result, UBC doubled the number of cities reporting to CDP from 6 to 20. This year, the number of the cities disclosing to CDP grew to 28 in despite of the busiest holiday season.