Webinar: UBC TALKS about revitalising urban space

The UBC TALKS webinar on 30 May 2023 focused on revitalising urban spaces from the holistic perspective of sustainable urban planning. This webinar was organised in connection with the UBC Planning & Sustainable Cities Commission meeting (13-15 September 2023 in Turku) to provide a basis and inspiration for the upcoming discussions.

The webinar was started by Anna-Leena Jokinen from the City of Turku presenting about revitalizing areas with potential in Turku. Paulina Szewczyk from the City of Gdynia and UBC Planning Cities Commission continued talking about revitalizing the waterfront in Gdynia. Next, Evelina Ozola from the City of Riga presented about Riga Street Design Manual. The webinar was closed by Harry Bertilsson from the City of Umeå talking about social sustainability as a structuring pillar for urban development in Umeå.

Presentations can be found here.

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