Sustainable and Green Cities: Rostock Webinars

Rostock strives to develop green mobility in order to become smart and environmentally friendly. In order to achieve these goals it is necessary to exchange knowledge and experiences with other cities and to cooperate with mobility experts, urban planners, environmentalists, tourism experts, engineers and civil activists.

Though visiting model cities would be the best option to learn about successful projects, the pandemic situation has challenged us in many ways when it comes to traveling and gathering. As a result, we proposed four online meetings to take place once a month from February to May with a focus on biking, public transport, car-free city centers and urban electromobility. Our goals were to learn more about steps towards the development of green mobility and to create a sustainable network of experts, urban planners and environmentalists for future cooperation and exchange of experiences. We are very pleased that after four online meetings our network has reached more than 200 mobility experts worldwide.

On 19 May we closed our Webinar series with the fourth online event on the subject of urban electromobility. This time the experts from Hefei (China), Gothenburg (Sweden) and Varna (Bulgaria) presented their experiences. The speaker from Hefei explained how research institutes, companies, public transport companies and individuals can be encouraged to use electromobility. The colleague from Varna clarified why his city is committed to promote alternative and environmentally friendly transport. Finally, the representatives of the Business Region Gotheburg demonstrated the necessary steps, collaborations and agreements to electrify the city's transport system by 2030. Rostock was represented by the local electricity company Stadtwerke and by the local transport company RSAG. The colleague from Stadtwerke Rostock AG introduced us with the features of electromobility and its future plans for Rostock. The speaker from RSAG presented the electric ferry, which will be the pearl of the green mobility in Rostock starting August 2021.

During the four sessions, we had participants from all around the globe: Germany, France, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Croatia, Bulgaria, Poland, Guatemala, USA, Russia, China and Tunisia, who work in the fields of sustainable and green mobility, transport planning, urban planning, environmental protection and international cooperation. Experts from fourteen cities provided numerous suggestions and attractive ideas for new solutions in the areas of cycling, public transport, car-free city centers and urban electromobility. We hope that we will soon be able to visit the model cities and introduce new sustainable and green mobility projects in Rostock!


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