Webinar: UBC TALKS about future trends in sustainable energy production

Tuesday, November 30, 2021 - 09:30 to 11:00

The 4th UBC TALKS webinar in 2021 will focus on the future trends in sustainable energy production, bringing policies presented by Energy Cities, as well as practices and examples from UBC member cities Växjö, Valmiera and Turku. The webinar will take place on 30 November 2021 at 9.30-11.00 CET.

Many UBC Member Cities aim to reach carbon neutrality goals in the energy-related targets in the coming decade, but to achieve that, reducing the consumption of fossil-based energy is needed. Using energy more efficiently is one of the direct and cost-effective ways to save money, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, create jobs, and meet a growing energy demand. How to reach and promote energy efficiency, and what will be the trends in the sustainable energy production for 2022-2030? Join the webinar to find the answers!

Get to know our speakers

Växjö Energi has solutions to stop climate crisis
— Erik Tellgren, vice president of Växjö Energi

Växjö enables energy transition from climate neutral to climate positive. The Växjö Energi company provides products and services in the areas of electricity, district heating and district cooling. District heating is also provided through local bio-fuel production plants.

Sustainable energy production in Valmiera
— Māris Kānītis, Member of the Board of Adven Latvia

Up to 84% of the thermal energy used in Valmiera’s central heating is produced by the Adven Latvia company from 90% biomass and 10% natural gas, reducing Valmieras' greenhouse gas emissions while providing greater independence and heating price stability to the inhabitants.

Energy efficiency plans from the city of Turku
— Sini Lamoureux, City of Turku

City of Turku is involved in the RESPONSE project, the main objective of which is to create Positive Energy Districts. The presentation will explain the City of Turku's climate positivity objective and provide examples of energy positivity solutions.

Energy trends and policies influencing the cities of tomorrow
— Floriane Cappelletti, Energy Cities

Energy Cities the learning community for futureproof cities, made up of local leaders of thousands of European cities. They showcase concrete alternatives deployed by cities, advocate to change politic and economic governance at all levels and foster a wide cultural change leading to a futureproof society.

wind power station

Event Agenda

09.30–09.35 Welcome to the webinar

09.35–09.50 From climate neutral to climate positive – Växjö Energi has solutions to stop the climate crisis

09.50–10.05 Sustainable energy production in the city of Valmiera

10.05–10.20 Energy efficiency plans from the city of Turku

10.20–10.30 Energy trends and policies influencing the cities of tomorrow

10.30–10.35 3rd call for the European City Facility applications

10.35–11.00 Panel discussion and closing words

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