Urban Future conference in Helsingborg

Urban Future conference in Helsingborg

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UF22: Europe's leading event to make cities sustainable

On 1-3 June 2022, the global community of urban shapers will meet in Helsingborg, Sweden. This mid-sized city, located on the Swedish coast overlooking Denmark, is one of the most innovative and rapidly changing cities in Europe. More than 2,000 of the most brilliant urban shapers, leaders, entrepreneurs, sustainable cities, media professionals, and talent are getting together: to share change-making experience and talk about the failures you will never find in reports. That’s the recipe for accelerating urban transformation.

Programme of the event

UF22 has a captivating programme to look into leadership skills, highlight innovative sustainable ideas and share the learning curves. On 1-2 June, the full-day programme will offer a variety of parallel sessions. On 3 June, field trips will take the participants around the green and innovative city districts.

Meet us at the sessions!

1 June 16.00-17.30. This is your chance: Combining revitalisation with climate action. See the possibilities to make an impact.

Making new buildings sustainable will have an impact – however, only over time. The opportunities that arise when revitalising larger urban areas that already exist today are numerous, and immediate. Clearly, we should be talking about retrofitting buildings, but also about the spaces in between them. Mobility concepts and local commerce play critical roles in both: Increasing liveability and reducing the environmental impact. It’s not rocket science, we just need to consider it – oh yes, and actually do it. Our colleague Sini Lamoureux is a speaker at this session, presenting climate financing and experiences from the City of Turku.

1 June 16.00-17.30. Baltic Cities collaborate for change. How joining forces is supporting urban transformation across the region

Be amazed by this session with the Baltics’ most passionate urban change makers and learn just how more than 70 cities collaborate to shape the region. Having developed a unique leadership approach, speakers will share insight from politics, business, and other organizations how they made it work, what obstacles they had to overcome and what they have learned from mistakes made. Our Acting Head of Secretariat Agnieszka Ilola is co-hosting this session.

This session is co-organised by the UBC Sustainable Cities Commission and Smart & Prospering Cities Commission, as well as the STRING network. Contact us to get a UBC network discount for your ticket to the conference!

UF22: Agenda of the "Baltic Cities collaborate for change" session


Welcome by the organizers

Thomas Becker, STRING
Agnieszka Ilola, Union of the Baltic Cities


Essential future challenges

Étienne Métais, Senior Manager at CDP Europe, Berlin, Germany


Leadership in international companies

Filip Elland, Head of Sustainability, Castellum AB, Gothenburg, Sweden
Samir Abboud, CEO, INNARGI A/S, Aarhus, Denmark

Questions from the audience.


Mayor’s debate

Moderator: Wolfgang Schmidt, Chairman of the UBC Smart and Prospering Cities Commission

Ulf Kämpfer, Mayor, City of Kiel, Germany
Elina Rantanen, Deputy Mayor, 1st Vice-President of UBC, City of Turku, Finland
Karin Pleijel, Deputy Mayor and Member of the City Executive Council, City of Gothenburg

Questions from the audience.