IWAMA Water Forum

Monday, October 23, 2017 (All day) to Tuesday, October 24, 2017 (All day)

The IWAMA project under the lead of the UBC Sustainable Cities Commission focuses on improving resource efficiency of the wastewater management sphere in the Baltic Sea Region.

On 23–24 October 2017, IWAMA will organize the large event aimed at water-related experts: the Water Forum taking place in Växjö, Sweden. This Forum will bring together IWAMA partners and cooperating stakeholders, representatives of the member cities of the Union of the Baltic Cities, and all interested guests, to discuss smart water management.

The Forum will feature, among other topics, the presentation of the Baltic Smart Water Hub and its major features with particular cases illustrating solutions for the four key water areas of the Hub platform: waste- and storm water management, fresh water solutions and management of coastal areas across the borders.

The third part of the Forum programme will be organized as a session back to back with the UBC General Conference. Hosting representatives from UBC member cities, the session will broader explore why such initiatives as the Hub are needed in our region: by introducing the existing water management policies and approaching the concept of water-smart cities. Participants will discuss the future of water – what are current trends in this sphere and why should we invest in water infrastructure.

The Water Forum aims to bring together representatives of various spheres in the water sector: from technologists to decision-makers. Join us in Växjö to learn the tools that can improve water management in your city, to discuss the solutions to common problems, and to communicate the needs of this field to cities’ authorities.


The registration to the event is already closed, but please contact the IWAMA team in case you are interested in joining the Water Forum!

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