CliMaLoc conference in Riga

CliMaLoc conference in Riga

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Final conference of the CliMaLoc project in Riga

Join the final conference of the CliMaLoc project on best practices in the Baltic Sea Region to localise climate on 5-6 October 2022 in Riga.

Scientific forecasts reveal heavy impacts of climate change on the Baltic Sea Region (BSR), which will have strong repercussions on ecosystems, economies, tourism, health and many key sectors. These risks urge for coordinated mitigation and adaptation actions at all governance levels. However, there still exist several gaps between global and national climate policies and concrete instruments for implementation at the local level, and BSR countries are at different stages of climate mainstreaming.  

CliMaLoc project aims to support knowledge and good practice exchange among local and regional actors in the Baltic Sea Region to localise climate. The project identifies gaps and challenges for mainstreaming climate at the local level in the BSR countries and prepares a good practices handbook “Localising climate in the BSR”, which is being launched in October 2022.

The CliMaLoc conference in Riga will share the results of the project, highlight the experiences in resilience building in different BSR countries, and will provide examples on how to mainstream climate adaptation in practice. Representatives of the UBC member cities are most welcome to take part in the event!

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