CIVITAS ECCENTRIC - Sustainable mobility solutions in suburban districts and innovative urban freight logistics

Project description

Within CIVITAS ECCENTRIC, the cities of Madrid, Stockholm, Munich, Turku and Ruse worked together to tackle the challenges of mobility in suburban districts and clean, silent and CO2 free city logistics, two important areas that had previously received less attention in urban mobility policies.

European cities have created liveable and attractive city centres, but a remaining conflict exists between providing high quality public space and meeting the accessibility requirements for freight deliveries. Also, higher car usage in suburban areas has previously been largely unaddressed.

To curb this situation, CIVITAS ECCENTRIC demonstrated in five living laboratory areas the potential and replicability of integrated and inclusive urban planning approaches, innovative policies and emerging technologies. Through a total of 50 measures, bundled in 6 thematic work packages, clean vehicles and fuels were tested, new regulations and services formulated and consolidation solutions developed in close partnerships with the private sector. This contributed to meeting the targets of the Transport White Paper in terms of air quality, energy use and road casualties and to reach CO2 free city logistics by 2030.