Peer Reviews for Cities


The project developed a step-by-step EMAS guidance and toolkit for cities in order to extend the use of Eco-Management and Audit Schemes. The peer review method, where an objective evaluation is carried out by a ‘critical friend’ in order to evaluate progress being made by municipalities in the implementation of EMAS, was used for making cities work together when evaluating their environmental plans.

The research made within the project was led by the University of the West of England (UWE) and it focused on examining how cities in EU25 experienced the use of environmental management systems as a tool in the overall management of the urban environment, and how it fundamentally related to future policy development at the EU and member state levels.


European Commission DG Environment, the Finnish Ministry of Environment, project partners.

Developing and extending the use of Eco-Management and Audit Schemes in local authorities by peer reviewing, which encourages cities to cooperate.

2002 to 2004

Funding programs

European Commission DG Environment, Finnish Ministry of Environment


500 000€