Nordic municipalities have a significant impact on creating a more climate-friendly Nordic region.

The project aimed at mapping out the success factors and support needs in local climate work in the Nordic countries. Besides many successes in the climate work of the Nordic municipalities, also support is also needed. NordLead aimed at strengthening the capacities of the Nordic municipalities to tackle the issue of climate change by mutual learning and developing new support structures.

The study conducted within the NordLead project gathered valuable information about the climate change management in Nordic municipalities and gives a general view to the local climate work in Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.


The Nordic Council of Ministers


During the project, a study for recognizing the success factors and needs for support in Nordic local climate change work was conducted. The study is based on a web survey among all Finnish, Icelandic, Norwegian and Swedish municipalities. Altogether 400 municipalities responded to the survey.


The main output of the project was the study report “Aspects of strategic climate work in Nordic municipalities” that was published in the Nordic Council of Ministers TemaNord Series in November 2012. Download the whole study report for free:

Lesson learned:

The study shows that Nordic municipalities are actively working for climate change mitigation and adaptation. Commonalities in the success factors and challenges are found in the study; however, there is no ’one size fits all’ solution, because the countries differ in many respects – the national framework conditions being the most crucial difference.

Finding success factors and support needs in local climate work in the Nordic countries with the help of a survey among municipalities.

2011 to 2012


113 000€