GoF 2014 - Gulf of Finland Exhibition

Project description

Gulf of Finland Year 2014 project brought together Estonian, Russian and Finnish specialists to produce information on the status of the Gulf of Finland and measures to achieve a good status of the marine ecosystem. During the project there were over hundred events in the coastal cities of the Gulf of Finland and new environmental education materials were produced.

The exhibition and virtual materials related to the project were launched in 2014 in three countries Estonia, Russia and Finland. 

Project partners were: Leningrad Region Administration, City of St. Petersburg the committee for Nature use, Environmental Protection and Ecological Safety, Museum of Natural History of Estonia, Tartu Environmental Education Centre and Estonian Environmental Board.

  • More information on the Gulf of Finland year.
  • The virtual exhibition material.


The exhibition had four sets in Finland, Estonia and Russia. All of the sets were circulating in these countries in a variety of events, meetings etc.


Finnish Ministry of Environment tendering