Baltic Impulse - Cluster for saving the Baltic Sea

Project description

Baltic Impulse was a cluster of nine environmental projects all focusing on water quality and the state of the Baltic Sea. The aim of the cluster was to ensure further use of outcomes of the projects and increase their visibility. In addition the objective of the cluster was to intensify exchange of experiences and ideas and further develop cross sectorial cooperation between 15 expert organisations.


1) Improve cross sectorial cooperation in water quality sector

2) Development of measures to improve sustainable resource management for a healthy Baltic Sea


1) Sustainable resource management for healthy Baltic Sea A synthesis report of the work done under Baltic Impulse –Baltic Sea Region Programme Water Cluster Report compiles together the knowledge of 15 expert organisations in the field of water protection and sustainable resource

Lessons learned:

  1. Transnational exchange of knowledge is crucial to implementing efficient treatment investments.
  2. Funding and incentives are needed to support plants to reach the HELCOM recommendations.
  3. Technical obstacles that hinder trans-boundary investments between the EU and non-member countries should be overcome. are they already or are they still be overcome?
  4. Lifelong learning in the wastewater treatment sector should be supported and training and experience support? professional capacity and motivation to comply with the HELCOM recommendations.
  5. BSR actors should agree on general recommendations for best practices for sludge handling and energy efficiency measures in order to help plants to improve their operation - for example through HELCOM.



Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007-2013