Building Neighbourhood Learning Facility for Water Experts


Belarusian wastewater treatment (WWT) sector was in a critical period of changes. Technological development was taking a huge step forward as the technical up-grading of the old wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) is starting. The old process of WWTPs, originating from the soviet times, was not feasible for treatment of nutrients (phosphorous and nitrogen), which were causing eutrophication of the Baltic Sea. To tackle eutrophication, the first phosphorous removal systems in Belarus were installed in several municipal WTTPs.

Lifelong learning of stakeholders working in wastewater sector and exchange of experiences were needed as the investment schemes on new technology were taken into operation in Belarusian municipalities.


  • Evaluation of the German “Neighbourhoods” concept to adjust it to Belarusian conditions
  • Introducing the German “Neighbourhoods”  concept in Belarus by organising one pilot event in Vitebsk, Belarus
  • Start developing Belarusian “Neighbourhoods”  concept  by preparing the framework paper for Belarusian “Neighbourhoods” concept


Council of the Baltic Sea States, CBSS Expert Group on Sustainable Development, Baltic 21 supported by the Swedish Ministry of the Environment