Best City Practices


The Best City Practices aimed at implementing good practices from one city to another. Every city couple included a guiding city, with the good practice, and a partner city, interested in the particular practice, and the cities worked together in order to create an implementation plan. After the BCP was finished, several of the good practices were implemented in the participating cities, mainly with EU funds and own financing of the cities. The BCP project also experimented with the so-called 3R (representation, resources, realia) Gender Analysis in the selection of city couples. This means that together with other aspects, gender equality, the participation and influence of men and women within the city couples was analyzed and used as one basis for selection of the participating cities.


Co-funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers, partner cities and UBC.


A workshop in the Best City Practices Project took place in Bützow, Germany. The aims were to introduce the good practices, to discuss on working methods, to get contacts and to start city coupling. Later when city couples were chosen study visit and a completion of the whole feasibility study and a final report were made.

Enhancing cooperation between cities through discussion and implementation of best city practices in the Baltic Sea Region.

2000 to 2001