Archipelago Sea and Sustainable Harbour Policy - Archipelago Sea and Sustainable Harbour Policy

Project description

The Archipelago Sea and Sustainable Harbour Policy project concentrated on environmental effects of regular passenger car ferry traffic on the archipelago sea as well as the various aspects of regulating the traffic. The project resulted in a common understanding of stakeholders (ports, environmental authorities and shipping companies) of the need to develop a long-term environmental policy for the different actors involved with the passenger car ferry traffic. An important activity within the project was a research of the environmental effects of the traffic between the participating cities. This was done by the Centre of Maritime studies at the University of Turku. The survey concentrated on three main themes: solid waste treatment, waste water treatment and emissions to the air.


Co-financed by the city harbour and environmental authorities of Stockholm, Mariehamn and Turku as well as Interregg II A Skärgården structural fund.