UBC has a central role in new CIVITAS project on sustainable mobility

UBC has a central role in new CIVITAS project on sustainable mobility

13 December 2016
15 December 2016

New CIVITAS project CIVITAS ECCENTRIC focuses on sustainable urban mobility in the areas that have been often forgotten in urban mobility projects - the suburbs - as well as test and develop new innovative freight logistics. Clean vehicles and fuels, regulations and services will be formulated and tested in cooperation with the private sector.

The main living lab cities are Madrid as lead partner (Spain), Munich (Germany), Turku (Finland), Stockholm (Sweden) and Ruse (Bulgaria) alongside with 29 other project partners such as public organizations, higher education institutions and private companies. The four year project (2016 – 2020) was kicked off in early October 2016 in Madrid, Spain.

UBC city network brings benefit for the project

Sustainable Cities Commission (SCC) of the Union of the Baltic Cities (UBC) has a vital role in being responsible for the project communication, and UBC member city Turku is one of the partner cities. SCC will make sure that similar communication efforts are going to be taken in each city involved in the project with the aid of the local public. SCC will also be arranging workshops, peer reviews, site visits and webinars in order to facilitate the exchange of good practices, ideas and solutions as well as the results and findings from the project.

Turku - the first CIVITAS city in Finland - promotes sustainable urban mobility by testing and piloting bike and car sharing systems, improving cycling conditions throughout the year with a focus on winter bicycling, developing Mobility as a Service (MaaS) concept, including the on-line and mobile service interfaces, introducing electric busses and bus lines and promoting biogas in freight vehicles among others. Turku aims to develop mobility concepts especially with the Swedish capital Stockholm.

City of Turku´s living lab area is Kupittaa that is a multifunctual distric under redevelopment where student Campus area and train station to the capital Helsinki are located. In addition, mobile point that connects public transportation, shared bicycles and cars will be opened in Kupittaa.

Keep posted since there might be also for Baltic Sea cities opportunities to follow the developments in the project and participate in the capacity building and knowledge exchange activities.

CIVITAS ECCENTRIC is funded by the Horizon 2020. For more information about the project go to www.civitas.eu/eccentric

CIVITAS is a network of cities for cities to achieve sustainable urban mobility in Europe and beyond.


Follow the project activites via the hashtag on Twitter #CIVITAS_ECCENTRIC