Taurage: STEAM education for renewable energy

Taurage: STEAM education for renewable energy

7 December 2021
STEAM center launched in Taurage specialising in renewable energy
7 December 2021

October 2021 marks the opening of STEAM educational center in Tauragė. Overall, 10 STEAM centers will be launched in Lithuania – one in each region. The Tauragė's STEAM center is the only one with a lab specializing in renewable energy, thus, contributing to the regional efforts to advance in renewable energy technologies. Students will practically learn about renewable energy, its importance, how different types of renewable energy function and will be encouraged to experiment themselves.

In STEAM open access center students not only get acquainted with the laws of science, the latest technologies and discoveries, but are also provided with the opportunity to conduct experimental research, construct, carry out projects. They will work together with scientists, lecturers, business representatives. Thus, STEAM centers will unite various sectors for the best outcomes.

"We need to raise a generation that is not afraid to make mistakes and can learn from them," said the mayor of Tauragė Dovydas Kaminskas in the opening speech.

The Tauragė’s STEAM Open Access Center is investment in sustainable future. It is hoped that the principles of STEAM teaching will provide new opportunities for creativity and inspire students to further seek new solutions.

Part of systemic efforts to advance in renewable energy

The decision to specialize in renewable energy in STEAM education is part of Tauragė's sustainable development efforts. Tauragė region already hosts the largest wind farm in the Baltic countries and is home to the country’s second largest hydropower plant. The hydropower plant also has efficient sludge processing facilities, which produces biogas that is used for energy and heat production. It is worth mentioning that biofuel makes 99% of fuel used for the central heating in Tauragė. Moreover, solar panels have been installed on the roofs of 24 public buildings and are continuing to be installed with the plans to expand to the roofs of apartment buildings for residents to produce their own energy and save on the electricity bills.

District in Taurage equipped with solar panels

Although Tauragė already installs renewable energy systems, we can hope that the young generation will raise the bar even further.