Save energy in your city NOW!

Save energy in your city NOW!

28 October 2022
The Cities Energy Saving Spring banner
2 November 2022

Like elsewhere in Europe, cities in the Baltic Sea Region are taking emergency measures for energy savings and increasing energy efficiency in the light of the enduring energy crisis and the starting winter.

Saving energy is a key factor to quickly make Europe independent from Russian fossil fuels. Especially in cities, where the majority of people lobe, the potential for energy savings is high. And everyone has to contribute to succeed – citizens and consumers, businesses, industry and public authorities!

Every measure counts to reduce energy bills and accelerates the transition to clean energy in the EU.

The Cities Energy Saving Sprint is a joint initiative of the European Commission, the Covenant of Mayors Europe and the European Committee of the regions, supporting cities in taking measures that will immediately reduce their energy consumption.

As part of their work, the Covenant of Mayors supports cities and municipalities to implement emergency saving measures through  exchange and sharing of experiences, collection of good practices and advice as well as connecting them with partners and initiatives

How can cities save energy in the short run?

Saving energy is an important part of cities' mid-term and long-term local climate and energy planning, but the current situation requires quick efforts!

Examples of emergency energy savings from UBC cities:

Energy saving in heating in Helsinki, FI

In Helsinki, the indoor temperature of city-owned buildings is reduced to 20°C. These premises include administrative offices, sports facilities, libraries, youth and cultural centres, and museums (excluding those with sensitive artworks), with general exceptions applied to facilities hosting sensitive people, where the temperature is set at 21-22°C.

Energy saving in lightning in Riga, LV

In Riga street lighting is switched off between 03:00 and 04:00 during work days. Exceptions apply to parks and sites where the safety of citizens is deemed that would be at risk.

Energy saving campaigns/information in Turku, FI

In Turku, city employees are instructed to save electricity during their work and local public agencies are required to pursue energy savings in their own line of activities. The city also provides an opportunity for citizens to give feedback on adopted energy saving measures (e.g. in heating and lightning) and propose new ones. Turku also endorses the Finnish national energy saving campaign "Down a degree".