Returnable cup deposit system introduced in Greifswald

Returnable cup deposit system introduced in Greifswald

14 May 2020
20 May 2020

Greifswald started a returnable cup deposit system in autumn 2018. Today we can say that the deposit system is established and accepted.

24 000 returnable cups are in circulation in the city

Trade is convinced of this system. At the start, 10 000 EUR of public money were taken in hand to support the first traders. 18 dealers were convinced of this approach and took part from the beginning.

In September 2019, the municipal marketing company (initiator of the deposit system) received the Landtag Environment Award on behalf of the city of Schwerin for the introduction of the coffee-to-go mug. Within the first year, the number of cups rose from 15,000 to 24,000. At more than 20 places in the city, you can get the cup in Greifswald design. Other regions in federal state followed the example of Greifswald, however, Greifswald still has the greatest density of deposit cup stations.

By using this new system, we were able to reduce garbage in the city and contribute to environmental protection and climate change adaptation. As a partner in the system, the Studierendenwerk was able to reduce the number of disposable cups from 46,000 to 26,000 in the first year, thus saving 20,000 disposable cups. Based on the development of good things so far, we are able to expand the system even further and make it more attractive.



Maik Wittenbecher, Greifswald Marketing GmbH

Stephan Braun, City of Greifswald