New funding call launched at Interreg BSR conference

New funding call launched at Interreg BSR conference

2 November 2022
Hall of the Interreg conference in Hamburg
3 November 2022

Interreg Baltic Sea Region Conference on 19-20 October 2022 gathered ca. 300 participants from the running and future projects to inspire each other with past project achievements and ambitions met by the opening opportunities.

Inspiring stories from the recent past

The Interreg journey hosted in Hamburg brought many highlights from the previous Programme period. Two of the projects led by the UBC Sustainable Cities Commission were privileged to be able to share their stories!

The IWAMA project (2016-2019), which focused on resource efficiency in the wastewater treatment process, was introduced by the Deputy Head of Secretariat Agnieszka Ilola at the conference’s first panel discussion. Interreg funding allowed the project consortium to explore innovative technological approaches that demonstrated possibilities to improve energy efficiency and make the sludge management more efficient. The project launched 7 pilots around the Baltic Sea Region, paired with the capacity building support, which significantly improved the operation of the WWT plants in the cities of Gdansk, Kaunas, Daugavpils, Jurmala, Grevesmuhlen, Tartu and Turi.

Another opportunity to present our recent work was at the thematic corners’ session, which welcomed a pitch about the BSR WATER platform (2018-2021) and one of its outputs – Baltic Smart Water Hub. BSR WATER encompassed a large scope of water-related subjects in cooperation with HELCOM, universities and cities, touching upon the stormwater management, nutrient recycling, and the holistic approach to the water-sludge-energy nexus. The Water Hub, in turn, provided a platform for the continuous knowledge exchange, functioning beyond the bounds of a single project and indefinitely open for all projects and organisations to share their expertise and solutions.

The 2nd call for funding is open

The conference also marked the start of the 2nd call for funding offered by the Interreg BSR Programme. The Programme aims to address the needs of cities and municipalities around the sea, and this is your chance to apply for funding the sustainable change!

The funding to drive the transition to a green and resilient region is focused along three priorities: innovative societies, water-smart societies, and climate-neutral societies. All information about the call is available in the Interreg BSR Gateway for applicants.

Results of the 1st call for projects

The results of the Interreg BSR Programme's 1st call for the core projects were also recently announced, and as the preparations are ongoing, we are happy to share that two of our projects have made the cut! Starting from 1 January 2023 and throughout further three years, you will also hear more about:

The EMPEREST project aiming at the elimination of hazardous substances, and specifically emerging pollutants (PFAS) from the wastewater stream. Led by UBC SCC, the project will address both local and regional level. The project would contribute to the UBC Sustainability Action Programme vision 2030: water-smart cities. UBC cities involved in the cooperation: Tartu, Riga, Turku, Gdansk, Tallinn, Kaunas, Malmö, Panevezys, Jonava, Taurage.

The BALTIPLAST project focusing on reduction of plastic in production and consumption. The project will target city administrations, businesses and citizens, and as a partner, UBC SCC will support the transfer of the results. The project would contribute to the UBC Sustainability Action Programme vision 2030: resource-efficient cities. UBC cities involved in the cooperation: Helsinki, Tallinn, Kaunas, Valmiera, Hamburg.