NETworking with the COvenant of Mayors

NET-COM –NETworking the Covenant Of Mayors- is a new started project coordinated by Energy Cities and funded in the framework of the Intelligent Energy Europe programme. UBC is one of the 12 partners and will play an active role in the project.

Local authorities need to cooperate more efficiently to be able to learn from each other and to use existing synergies. Signatories of the Covenant of Mayors (CoM) have similar challenges so that networking and exchanging experiences can significantly boost the implementation process. The CoM has become the unique European initiative that advocates local actions. However, there is still a lack of networking activities between Covenant Signatories on the one hand and/or Supporting Structures on the other hand. To fill this gap, the NET-COM project foresees numerous activities, to be carried out by European, national and regional networks of local authorities.

UBC will actively implement the project activities in their role as a supporting structure for the Covenant of Mayors and will be involving its member cities actively during the next 2,5 years. We will keep you informed about this new project!