Kemi - the first Finnish mainland municipality to achieve an environmental certificate!

Kemi - the first Finnish mainland municipality to achieve an environmental certificate!

11 February 2020
Environmental certificate displayed on the shelf
2 November 2022

A year has gone by since municipality of Kemi did something different, something that no other Finnish Mainland municipality has done. We got an environmental certificate ISO 14001:2015. The certificate was issued by the Bureau Veritas Certification.

We had a goal to go through the entire municipality’s functions from an environmental perspective. The objectives that were set for the quality and environmental system are continuously monitored and measured. We did not certificate the entire municipality organization at once, because it would  probably be mission impossible, so we started by selecting 1-3 targets from different fields.

First certification we had from Technical Services: Machine depot, Central warehouse, Energy efficiency; Social and Health Services: Leipätehdas activity center for developmentally disabled, Sauvosaari hospital/ medicine handling process; Education and Cultural Services: Sauvosaari Comprehensive School; Central Administration: City Office.

In the year 2020 our mission is to have environmental certificate for all municipality’s schools and also public purchase as a function. And just that you know, our work has been recognized also locally, because in January 2020 our Green and Sustainable Kemi project got the Golden Broom Award from Keep Lapland Tidy, which is an environmental organization founded in 1987.

All of this is a part of Green and Sustainable Kemi project that is financed by European Union, Leverage from the EU 2014-2020 and Regional Council of Lapland.

Kemi is a small city with 21000 inhabitants and it is situated in Northern Finland and Southern Lapland by the Gulf of Bothnia, 35 kilometers from the border of Sweden. City of Kemi has committed to Sustainable Development Goals and Green acting and thinking model is included in city strategy. Green and sustainable Kemi project brings these decisions in practice.


Senja Raappana
Project coordinator
Green and Sustainable Kemi