Greifswald was honored with the European Energy Award (eea)

Greifswald was honored with the European Energy Award (eea)

3 December 2021
Awards event in Greifswald town hall
7 December 2021

On August 6th, 2021 Greifswald received the European Energy Award in the presence of the state minister for energy, infrastructure and digitalisation.

The eea for short, the European Energy Award is a European quality certificate for the sustainability of the energy and climate protection policies of municipalities. The eea sees itself as an implementation-oriented instrument.

The certification process is based on a quality management system with which the relevant activities of the municipality are recorded, assessed, planned, controlled and regularly checked in order to identify and use the potential of sustainable climate protection. The performance of the municipality is confirmed by an independent auditor. If 50% of the possible points are achieved, the eea is passed, 75% of the points are awarded in gold.

Greifswald is the first municipality in the Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania state to receive the European Energy Award. The city is actively implementing climate actions in various sectors.


Contacts (City adminstration Greifswald):
Juliane Brust-Möbius -  J.Brust-Moebius(at)
Michael Haufe -  M.Haufe(at)
Stephan Braun – S.Braun(at)