Green Taurage – welcome to UBC!

Green Taurage – welcome to UBC!

13 December 2016
17 March 2022

Tauragė municipality, located in the southwest of Lithuania, is the new member of the Union of the Baltic Cities. The Lithuanian region is proud of its green and ecological environment, having the cleanest air in the country and producing more power from renewable sources than it consumes. Development of Green sector in the city is a result of economic and demographic growth, as well as convenient geographical location: the territory is advantageous for wind-, solar- and hydro energy development.

In 2017 Tauragė plans to launch one of the 10 Lithuanian STEAM centers for science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics - the Tauragė's STEAM center will be the only one with a lab for renewable energy technologies. The major aims of this center include raising awareness about climate change and renewable energy at the local level, and promoting ecological tourism. The town also develops complex measures of sustainable transport, energy, waste management and water treatment that will be implemented in the upcoming years.

We warmly welcome Tauragė to our network and are looking forward to cooperating with the town that shares our concern in sustainable development!

To get more familiar with the history of Tauragė and its current development, you can watch the video “Tauragė – A Pleasant Town to Live In”.


Taurage castle