Energy positive Student Village in Turku

Energy positive Student Village in Turku

Energy positive Student Village in Turku

City of Turku is well on its path to achieving carbon neutrality by 2029. Last year, the city became the Lighthouse city in the project RESPONSE, where it implements a complex set of activities including the development of Positive Energy Districts.

Project RESPONSE aims to improve the quality of life and to mitigate the impacts of climate change by creating resilient and safe cities with the help of integrated solutions. One of the pilot areas of the project is the Student Village in Turku which will be turned into an energy positive district, meaning that the area will produce 120-130% of its energy needs sustainably. In addition to experts and companies, the inhabitants have an important role in the project as they are encouraged to actively participate and to monitor their own daily energy consumption with the help of mentors who also live in the Student Village.

Construction of the building with energy-saving and energy-producing technologies

Construction and equipment of the Tyyssija building.

Both the city of Turku and the Student Village Foundation (TYS) aim to become carbon neutral by 2029. RESPONSE supports that goal excellently as it brings the newest technology and know-how to the area. According to Tomi Kultala, Building Services Engineer at TYS, one of the most interesting solutions of the project is the two-way heating and cooling system which will be installed to the Tyyssija-building as well as the bi-facial solar panels. In fact, most of the solutions brought by the project are located in the new Tyyssija-building where students will be moving in the beginning of January 2022. The other project buildings in the Student Village will try to reach energy positivity with the help of nanocoated windows and water saving aerators to name a few.

Some of the project’s solutions are visible to the tenants, such as the human thermal sensation control system in Tyyssija-apartments. The indoor sensors are installed in all apartments and will measure and distribute information about relative temperature and humidity levels, thus supporting optimization of indoor temperatures and predictability of temperature changes. In the 5-Block of the Student Village new ventilation systems will be installed. Aside from these technical solutions and integrated systems provided by the project, new mobility solutions in the area will also be developed during RESPONSE.