City Sounds: Greifswald's Best Sustainability Practice of 2018

City Sounds: Greifswald's Best Sustainability Practice of 2018

13 December 2018
17 December 2018

Solar boats on the river Ryck – makes electric mobility on water coming alive for inhabitants and guests of the city

Every year we have in Greifswald the so called “Fischerfest Gaffelrigg”. It is the largest maritime festival in western Pomerania with around 50000 guests, celebrated for three days and nights. Fans of old ships got their money's worth at the Gaffelrigg. Ryckhangeln, dragon boat race, Boddenschwimmen attracts sport fans to come to festival.

This year we went new ways because we had a tradional sailer (climate sailing tour) in Greifswald with young people dealing with climate questions on board. The ship came via Flensburg, Kiel and Rostock to Greifswald and young people had a message regarding responsibility for our earth which they passed to the lord mayor of Greifswald and the citizenship. Near the landing place of the ship we had an area at the festival where all questions around climate action and sustainability were picked up. 


The highlight for the guests of the festival however was a transport system by little solar boats which was set up. It made it possible to reach the festival from harbour at city center (distance about 5km). People liked the idea. For most of them it was the first contact with electro mobility on water. The solar boat action was supported by the national climate initiative. Also that people came into contact with sustainability questions was something unexpected for visitors of such a festival and afterwards regarded as doing the festival even more attractive.