cities.multimodal webinars to change your way(s)

cities.multimodal webinars to change your way(s)

10 February 2021
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3 November 2021

In December 2020, the cities.multimodal project decided to launch a webinar series. The webinar series "CHANGE YOUR WAY(S) - Towards liveable cities in the Baltic Sea Region", has served as a way to reach out and promote the project results on distance. The webinars consist of presentations of partner activities and outcomes, as well as panel discussions on different mobility topics.

The webinar series consists of four sessions, each devoted to a specific project theme. The first session covered the Living Street cases of Tartu (EST) presented by Kaspar Alev, and Gdansk (POL) presented by Magdalena Szymanska. A Living Street is a street or an intersection that is temporarily closed from motorized traffic and is made into an urban living room for the citizens to enjoy.

In the session about innovative citizen involvement methods, speakers from Vilnius (LT) Karlskrona (SWE) and Riga (LV) presented their take on involving citizen. Kristina Gauce presented how the City of Vilnius’ has communicated and interacted with its citizens to convince them about mobility developments in the city, such as the building of a mobility point. Cajsa Andersson talked about the different mobility campaigns Karlskrona has implemented, one of them was called “Best at Vest” (Bäst på väst) and was a traffic safety campaign for schoolkids. The covid-19 pandemic has naturally affected the prerequisites for citizen involvement. Nevertheless, the City of Riga, represented by Nika Kotoviča, found ways to engage especially its senior citizens in virtual mobility labs. The recordings and presentations of the first two webinars can be found on the cities.multimodal website.

The third webinar session “Breaking bad habits – Increasing multimodality through mobility management” takes place on 11 February. The recording and presentations will be uploaded at the same location as the two previous webinars. However, you still have the opportunity to take part in the final webinar session about mobility points. The mobility points can be found in several of the cities.multimodal partner cities and are a tangible result of the project. The webinar will take place on Thursday March 11 at 9:30-11 CET.



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