Webinar: UBC TALKS about low carbon energy solutions in cities

Developing low-carbon energy systems is a cornerstone of achieving carbon neutrality targets set in cities' climate and energy plans. The UBC TALKS webinar on 15 December 2020 showcased examples from on implementing sustainable energy solutions, presented local collaboration in energy planning in Area 21 project, as well as introduced a new funding instrument - European City facility aiming at local investments in sustainable energy.

Ann-Sofi Österberg-Aikio from the City of Turku started the webinar with a presentation about Energy Wise cities project’s pilot results in Turku. Tuomas Vanhanen from the City of Tampere continued with the pilot results in Tampere. Jonas Fischer from HafenCity University Hamburg and Yury Nurulin from Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University continued the webinar talking about the AREA 21 project with a case example from St. Petersburg. Sini Lamoureux from UBC Sustainable Cities Commission ended the webinar presenting about European City Facility providing support for energy investments.

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