UBC Sustainability Action Programme 2010-2015

UBC Sustainability Action Programme 2010-2015
Agenda for Sustainable Baltic Cities

Adopted at the X UBC General Conference, Kristiansand, September 2009


During the upcoming Programme period the Baltic Sea Region as well as the UBC cities will be facing several large scale challenges. The challenges are already well known and some first steps to conquer them have already been taken. Climate change and energy related issues are two large scale topics that are interlinked and influence a lot on each others. The third topic is the state of the Baltic Sea.

The state of the Baltic Sea is alarming and has become even more visible. It does not only influence the ecology but also more and more the business life and quality of life. The global financial crises started in 2008 will also increase the challenge on the development of the Baltic Sea region and our cities. On the same time several important activities and processes for the Baltic Sea region such as the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, Baltic Sea challenges and action programmes are in the implementation phase for the moment.

Inspired and supported by these co-operation processes and policies, and building on good continued co-operation with other local government organisations, stakeholders and partners in the Baltic Sea Region, Europe and globally, the UBC is well placed to proceed further in its efforts towards sustainable development. For our guidance in that work, UBC has designed the Action Programme for Sustainable Baltic Cities. Our main challenge will be to implement actions with concrete and large impacts on sustainable development.

This Action Programme has been produced through a two year long interactive process including several UBC Commission, many UBC contact and other persons and active UBC cities. We would like to thank you all for your efforts and look forward to implementing this Action Programme together.


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