SUMP topic guide: Electrification - Planning for electric road transport in the SUMP context

A series of guides were published with the second edition of the EU SUMP Guidelines. They provide in-depth planning recommendations on crucial SUMP topics, provide guidance for specific contexts, and focus on important policy fields. CIVITAS SUMPs-Up project authored or co-authored several of the publications. One of them is the SUMP topic guide: Electrification: Planning for electric road transport in the SUMP context

The guide covers a variety of topics related to the electrification of road transport, including planning for charging infrastructure and the electrification of various fleet types and vehicles.

It also provides guidance on regulatory and policy measures that can be implemented by mobility planning authorities to support a broad electrification of road transport. To contextualise its advice, the guide gives examples of tools and methods, as well as a selection of good practices from leading European cities in e-mobility.

SUMP topic guide