Overcoming barriers to climate adaptation

It has been acknowledged that even though countries are increasingly adapting to climate change at the local level, there are considerable limits and barriers to adaptation, which can hinder a society from dealing with climate change effects. The aim of this report is to provide resources for municipal officers and experts to deal with the barriers to adaptation. The report provides a background to the topic by introducing the potential barriers to adaptation and explains how to involve stakeholders to help support progress in climate adaptation. The report also presents a method to identify the most important barriers at local adaptation work, as well as provides various resources to facilitate overcoming those barriers.

This document is prepared as a part of the CASCADE1 project and supplements the Guidelines on Integrated Climate Change and Disaster Risk Response Management. The guidelines aim to support a common understanding, integrated and complex approach to risk management measures with the inclusion of climate change adaptation aspects for local-level public administrations.

Cover of the CASCADE report