Converting regular buses to clean buses – Experiences from the DYN@MO cities

The brochure shares DYN@MO cities’ practical experiences and knowledge gained in the conversion processes – from a hybrid to an electric bus in Aachen, from a diesel bus to a trolleybus in Gdynia and from a diesel bus to an electric bus in Koprivnica.

The DYN@MO cities of Aachen, Gdynia, Koprivnica and Palma are strongly committed to making their public transport cleaner and to enhance the environmental performance and energy efficiency of their fleets. Within the framework of CIVITAS DYN@MO, the cities are testing and deploying different types of clean, innovative technologies. One of the measures is the conversion of existing vehicles, often running in a diesel engine, to cleaner vehicles exploiting more environmentally friendly energy sources.

DYN@MO (2012-2016) is part of the CIVITAS Initiative, supporting cities to introduce ambitious transport measures and policies towards sustainable urban mobility.

Publication cover with a bus