Webinar: UBC TALKS about transitions to circular economy in UBC cities

Webinar: UBC TALKS about transitions to circular economy in UBC cities

UBC TALKS about transitions to circular economy in UBC cities

Transitions to circular economy in UBC cities: examples and approaches from UBC member cities to circular transition

At the webinar on 28 September 2021 at 9.30-11.00 CET we will be talking about the steps that our member cities haven taken towards circular economy. In order to meet the challenges caused by climate change and continuous overconsumption, we must find new ways to build our cities and economies. Natural resources need to be used more efficiently by moving from a linear economy towards a circular economy. Cities play a big role in this transition for example through their regulations as well as procurements.

Get to know our speakers:

Satu Virtanen, Lahti: Lahti puts circular economy into practice
The City of Lahti, the European Green Capital 2021, has a circular economy development program setting targets for promoting the circular economy in the Urban Environment service area. The presentation will highlight the most important steps and actions that will be taken towards a more efficient circular economy in the future.

Ieva Kalnina, Riga: Riga says yes to circular construction
The construction sector is responsible for 35% of all the waste and consumes 1/4 of raw materials extracted. Nevertheless, the traditions of linear construction are strong. Aiming to challenge this approach, the City of Riga started the transition to circular construction.

Niina Ruuska, Turku: Turku kick-starts the circular economy transition
In 2019, the City of Turku initiated the preparation of the Circular Turku roadmap in an extensive collaboration with regional actors of circular economy. Local businesses, research institutions, public companies and national and regional actors collectively identified the interventions that would support the transition to circularity in five priority topics: food, transport, construction, energy and water.

How can cities actually make this transition? Join our webinar to hear examples and approaches on Circular Economy from UBC member cities!