Velo-city 2023: Leading the transition

Velo-city 2023: Leading the transition

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Velo-city 2023: Leading the transition will take place from 9-12 May, 2023 in Leipzig, Germany.

Velo-city is the European Cyclists’ Federation's flagship cycling summit, where advocates, cities, decision- and policy makers, researchers and industry leaders from around the world meet to shape the future of cycling. The summit plays a valuable role in promoting cycling as a sustainable and healthy means of transport for all.

It offers a knowledge-exchange and policy-transfer platform to the growing number of more than 1400 Velo-citizens from over 60 countries involved in the policy, promotion and provision for cycling, active mobility and sustainable urban development.

Moreover, the conference exhibition showcases the latest innovations for a better cycling experience in cities and beyond.

The summit's subthemes are:

  • Strong leadership for action —Lead to the future. How do we get political decision makers on board and how much can be achieved in one election cycle? How can strong leadership empower people to act for change? And what does it look like? This subtheme will address the importance of ambitious, forward-thinking, and brave leadership across the transport sector and beyond; visionary leaders at all levels who are not afraid to listen, take action and change minds.
  • Working together towards equitable environments — Change the mindset. The transition to sustainable active mobility is also a tool to foster social justice. This subtheme will show the power of collaboration between citizens, advocates, public authorities and all stakeholders on the way towards more inclusive, healthy, and equitable environments.
  • Creating mobility systems of the future now — Act consistently. How do we design an integrated and sustainable mobility system? How do we offer citizens accessibility without the need to use (or even own) a car? This subtheme will explore which measures and tools are effective, and how new technologies and services, ranging from MaaS to cargo bike sharing, will lead the way towards a sustainable mobility system.
  • Towards climate neutral economies — Work green. More cycling will make us less energy dependent, generate employment, help tackle the climate crisis and alleviate health budgets. It can play a key role in creating new green jobs in a range of diverse sectors and thus contribute significantly to the transition towards green economies. This subtheme will position cycling and active mobility at the core of the shift towards thriving climate-neutral economies. It will also address the role of cycling tourism in local economies.