Urban Future 2023

Urban Future 2023

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#UF23: Europe's leading event to make cities sustainable.

Urban Future is the most important conference for experts, politicians, entrepreneurs, and leaders making cities sustainable. Hosted in a different city each year, thousands of CityChangers from all over the world share how they create transformation and which mistakes are made, accelerating change and successfully shaping the future of our cities.

3 change-making days in June will include inspiring sessions, eye-opening workshops, exciting field trips, side events and much more. Check the latest programme of the conference on the website.


  1. CITIES CUTTING EMISSIONS. Cities need to transform and many do. This track will be all about how to get it done, what mistakes to avoid along the way, what teams & skills are needed, how to prioritise actions, and how to collaborate with citizens in order to cut emissions.
  2. FIXING MOBILITY IN REGIONS. On the road to climate neutrality, mobility is the bad apple: car-commuting, inefficient logistics, fossil behaviours & mindsets. In this track, we’re looking at how cities and regions must work out solutions that transcend municipal borders. There is no alternative.
  3. INNOVATE FOR TRANSFORMATION. To avoid sleepwalking into a future of unintended consequences, we must understand why technologies head in some directions and not others. In this track, we’ll showcase some of the most promising innovations around, looking at ownership, business models, regulations, user preferences, data-sharing, and the always-looming potential for public “techlash”.
  4. DECARBONISING THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT. The built environment generates 40% of global energy-related carbon emissions and consumes 40% of global raw materials. This track follows the leaders who are transforming the real estate sector and changing the way we build – and at the same time, it will show how innovators stir up retrofitting.
  5. REINVENTING CITY CENTRES AND DISTRICTS. If we don’t change the way we live together but waste the little space our cities offer, things will very quickly go downhill. This track takes you on a journey outlining the critical steps you can take to reinvent urban centres and districts as places of economic opportunity, exciting innovation, fun participation, and pride.
  6. CITIZEN ENGAGEMENT & COLLABORATION. The challenges ahead cannot be solved by experts alone – regardless of how smart they are. This track will look at participation practices, focus on how citizens can become drivers of transformation, and discover how leaders can unleash powers previously unheard of.
  7. FUTURE INDUSTRIES. This track explores how regions like Stuttgart are transforming from old, polluting manufacturing monsters to clean, new industrial powerhouses. Hear about bold visions, amazing comebacks, and unlikely cooperation, and learn how cities and regions can become much more sharply differentiated in the coming years.
  8. LEADERSHIP & SKILLS. Any project’s success depends on leaders who can inspire others, who nurture their community and teach the lessons they learnt by making mistakes along the way. Wherever you are on your journey, this tracks provides you with essential skills and know-how for taking your next step.