Unlocking Transformation in City Governments

Unlocking Transformation in City Governments

Banner of the event: Transformation in city governments

Join fellow Nordic and Baltic city officials and experts to build capability for change and take systemic action on your innovation plans

City governments operate in increasingly uncertain times. EIT Climate-KICEIT Urban Mobility and cirka CPH are pleased to invite city officials and transformation partners in the Nordics and Baltics for a day of learning and exchanging knowledge to understand the following:

  • Faced with a pressing energy crisis, how can city teams hold perspective in leading the way towards climate resiliency? 
  • How can city teams harness the potential and momentum to more rapidly change city systems (energy, mobility, business service, etc.) and the ways of working?
  • What core capabilities do city teams need in order to lead in uncertainty and take innovative action?

The 1-day conference/workshop is free of charge and there are spots for 40 participants. Secure your spot by registering today.

Why join?

Get up to date on how other cities are translating systems innovation into practice, and take part in a growing movement of practitioners and leaders.

  • Keynote presentations by leading experts in the field
  • Connect with city systems and innovation frontrunners from across the Nordics and Baltics
  • Get new perspectives on implementing systems innovation in your context
  • Get input on how to work with your city's unique challenges
  • Share and gain new insights on challenges and successes in innovating city operating environments


11:00-12:15 Keynotes and discussions for capability building in your team

12:15-13:00 Networking lunch

13:00-13:45 Presentation of cases and examples

13:45-15:30 Cities transformation challenges workshop - turning plans to action