Smart Cities in Smart Regions 2024 Conference

Smart Cities in Smart Regions 2024 Conference

Banner of the conference in Lahti

The fourth Smart Cities in Smart Regions Conference will take place on October 9-10, 2024 at the campus of LAB University of Applied Sciences in the beautiful city of Lahti, Finland.

The themes of this year's conference are:

  • Solutions for Systemic Change
  • Smart Health and Wellbeing Innovations
  • Design for Sustainable Business and Responsible Consumption

The conference is centered on the idea that environmental, social, and economic sustainability are crucial for a resilient future. Resilience, within the context of sustainability, signifies the ability to address diverse challenges faced by regions and urban areas; be it climate change, social inequalities, safety, or energy transition. At SCSR2024, you'll discover speakers sharing solutions to help move cities and regions toward being smarter, that is, more sustainable, inclusive, and interconnected.

A key aspect of the conference is to promote collaboration between researchers, industry, and local and regional development actors. Therefore, we welcome presentations of scientific and applied research as well as practical case examples, which gives the participants a great opportunity to familiarize themselves with the newest research as well as innovative real-world applications. Companies, organizations, and public sector actors are encouraged to present their best practices, practical innovations, and development projects connected to the themes of the conference.

As a part of the program we will also organize a matchmaking session to boost research, development and innovation cooperation between universities, industry and public actors. The matchmaking session will allow participants to present new project ideas and find partners.

Finally, SCSR2024 aims to showcase the competence and creativity of students from LAB University of Applied Sciences. Hospitality, tourism and event management students are actively involved in the organization of the conference, and during the conference you will find many examples of their engagement and fresh perspectives.

Panel discussion during the conference: Nature-positive Lahti

Biodiversity is the foundation of our wellbeing. However, we are decreasing the biodiversity in our societies. There is a need to turn cities nature-positive. Nature-positivity means that we produce more benefits than harm to the nature, and in total, human impact to nature is net-positive. Cities have a significant role in changing the direction of the curve.

The City of Lahti has started the work towards nature-positivity. The city will aim to define nature target this year and will create a roadmap how to achieve this target, together with stakeholders. This year also the nature footprint of the city will be calculated.

In the panel we explore the concept of nature-positivity in cities. What does it mean and how to enhance it? Who needs to be involved in nature-positivity work? Concrete examples from city level are presented and discussed.