Riga is calling for support on Urban Greening Plan

Riga is calling for support on Urban Greening Plan

Streets of Riga in sunshine

Join the meeting on 12 June to exchange experiences with the City of Riga on developing the Urban Greening Plans!

We warmly welcome the experts from the UBC member cities to join and actively participate in the meeting. The meeting would involve a short presentation of UGP from Riga followed by an open discussion and exchange of experience with a focus on management and the implementation process by all the participants. Insights and experiences from fellow UBC cities would significantly contribute to Riga’s endeavours in improving urban climate resilience.

Riga is in the initial phase of developing the UGP as part of a LIFE LATESTadapt project. Project partners are actively collecting and analyzing data to gain a better understanding of the current state of green areas, biodiversity hotspots, and areas that require attention within Riga.

The goal is to create a UGP based on the data and analysis results. Additionally, the aim is to develop a draft budget necessary for the implementation of the plan.

Given the significance of this project, Riga is eager to discuss various aspects related to the planning process for the UGP and gain insights particularly into:

  • Examples of successful indicators that are understandable and meaningful for reaching the greening plan goals
  • Mechanisms of stakeholder engagement, that leads to the urge to move towards a resilient future
  • Consideration of the EU Biodiversity Strategy
  • Suggestions for content and monitoring of UGP
  • Experience with finding financial resources for the implementation of UGP