Resource Wisdom and Biosphere areas in UBC cities, Jyväskylä, 2017

Resource Wisdom and Biosphere areas in UBC cities, Jyväskylä, 2017


Welcome to "Resource Wisdom and Biosphere areas in UBC cities"!

The UBC Sustainable Cities Commission Meeting will be organized in the City of Jyväskylä  on 16-18 May 2017.

16th of May is reserved for the Advisory Board Meeting (only for Advisory Board members), site visits and networking event in the evening.

17th of May will have Resource Wisdom as the guiding theme. A site visit to Kangas* area will be arranged, followed by two afternoon sessions (Resource wise solutions of cities & Smart and resource wise practices and challenges in the UBC cities) and a roundtable discussion (How is Resource Wisdom and Circular Economy understood in your city?, following up a preassignment).  Topping up the day will be the cruise on lake Päijänne and networking dinner later in the evening.

18th of May is focusing on biosphere regions as promoters of competitiveness and sustainability  - different cases will be presented as well as a workshop will take place on the case called ”Lake Päijänne biosphere initiative”.

Please have a look in the Programme for more specific descriptions and timetables of what will be happening during the Commission Meeting days and join your colleagues from the many Baltic Sea Region cities for networking, learning from best practices and finding solutions to issues that are familiar to us all!

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*A former paper mill area located nearby by the city centre which will turn into a home to 5,000 inhabitants and 2,100 jobs. A vital role is played by Smart City ICT solutions.