People and Planet conference 2024

People and Planet conference 2024

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Welcome to the People and Planet - from theory to solutions conference 2024: towards transformations!

This international conference will bring together researchers, decision-makers, specialists and other stakeholders interested in planetary health, sustainability and wellbeing.

Participation includes 3 days of transdisciplinary sessions, discussions, presentations and posters that spur transformative action through scientific knowledge.

The conference will focus on how human health and the health of the planet are closely connected and what can be done to protect and enhance both. In particular, the conference encourages finding solutions in complex systems and interlinked crises of climate change, biodiversity loss and the rise of noncommunicable diseases.

Science-informed knowledge and solutions for tackling challenges around planetary health are essential for transformative action. Planetary health requires supportive leadership and urban planning, sustainable healthcare, sustainable food systems, active mobility and improved understanding of the value of nature to our wellbeing, among other subjects. Furthermore, an emphasis is needed on finding effective intervention points and strategies while considering societal megatrends such as digitalization and aging population.

This conference follows on from the Helsinki Planetary Health Conference in 2019, People and Planet Conference in 2021, and will continue in the spirit of the Helsinki Declaration in emphasizing the urgency for action.

The conference is organized in connection to Nature Step to Health – Lahti Regional Health and Environment Programme 2022-2032, by Lahti University Campus together with City of Lahti, Wellbeing Services County of Päijät-Häme and other partners.