Mobility Practitioners Webinar: Second edition of the SUMP Guidelines

Tuesday, October 22, 2019 - 10:00 to 11:30

The second edition of the EU SUMP Guidelines was launched at the CIVITAS Forum 2019. If you missed the event, this is a good opportunity to hear about the revised guidelines for sustainable urban mobility planning. In addition, two complementary SUMP guides focusing specifically on 1) electrification of transport and 2) SUMP approaches for metropolitan areas will be presented.

For the past six years, the Guidelines have acted as the main reference document for mobility practitioners and other stakeholders involved in the development and implementation of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs). Whilst they continue to be widely used, extensive guidance materials and new mobility trends and concepts have emerged, and a wealth of practical SUMP experience has been acquired since the Guidelines' launch in 2013.

The 5th SUMPs-Up mobility practitioners webinar will focus on presenting the second edition of the SUMP Guidelines that has been created to reflect these new realities. The guidelines have been developed in an intense one-year consultation process with Europe's SUMP stakeholders, involving several major city networks and a total of more than 300 practitioners.

With a fully updated SUMP cycle, more detail on the measure planning, financing and implementation aspects, and over 60 new good practice examples from cities all around Europe, the Guidelines summarise the latest knowledge in strategic mobility planning.

In addition, two supporting guides prepared by the SUMPs-Up project will be presented. The first one looks at how local authorities can plan for electric road mobility solutions in urban areas in a SUMP context. The second guide will focus on sustainable urban mobility planning for metropolitan areas. It reflects on the needs of the functional area beyond the administrative city to respond more effectively and consistently to the transport challenges and opportunities that urban areas face.


10:00 Welcome to the webinar 

Maija Rusanen (UBC SCC)

10:05-10:40 Introduction to the SUMP Guidelines 2nd edition Lasse Brandt (Rupprecht Consult) 

Introduction to the SUMPs-Up topic guides: 

  • Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning for metropolitan areas 
  • Electrification in Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning 

Matilde Chinellato (EUROCITIES)

Thomas Mourey (POLIS)

11:10-11:30 Questions and discussion  All participants 
11:30 End of the webinar  Maija Rusanen (UBC SCC) 

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The webinar is one in a series of SUMPs-Up webinars provided for mobility practitioners around Europe focusing on different SUMP topics. Watch previous webinars here

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