Meeting Point Urban Magma - first annual conference

Meeting Point Urban Magma - first annual conference

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Welcome to the first annual conference of Meeting Point Urban Magma! Here you will be part of forming a strategy to create a centre of excellence for sustainable cities. UBC Sustainable Cities Commission meeting will be organised alongside the conference, for more information go to the Commission meeting page.

During the conference, we will focus on how a successful international business cluster can develop within cleantech for sustainable cities. Another conference focus is the important role that industrial symbiosis—in harbours, industrial parks, and surrounding regions—can have in advancing sustainable cities and business clusters.

UBC Commission on Environment will organise two workshops in the event: Innovations in urban mobility through co-creative and integrated planning approach and Nutrient neutral Municipalities – ideas for circular economy and Baltic Sea protection.

The conference is arranged by Urban Magma, the City of Malmö, E-harbours, Union of the Baltic Cities, and Sustainable Business Hub. For more information on agenda and registration, go to Urban Magma event page.