Webinar materials: UBC TALKS about stormwater management

The webinar "Climate change adaptation through smart stormwater management" was organized on 28 April 2020. It included a presentation on modern sustainable stormwater management, as well as examples from the cities around the Baltic Sea: Copenhagen, Helsinki and Gdansk. All speakers highlighted current trends in the extreme weather events in their cities and provided a wide range of approaches and solutions for launching smart stormwater management, from formulating a strategy through single efficient solutions and to comprehensive systems.

Are you interested in particular aspects of sustainable water management? Suggest the topic of your interest in the form! We plan another water-related UBC TALK for autumn 2020.


Recording of the webinar (YouTube)


Q&A with the cities: motivation, effects of COVID and benefits of green infrastructure

Answers to your questions

Most of the questions were taken up during the Q&A session in the end of the webinar, and for some common question our speakers have provided an interview (above). Only one question left unanswered and we bring it here.

To Helsinki: What amounts of biochar did you apply and what base material was used for production?

Kajsa Rosqvist: In the biochar pilot, the base material consisted of a thin layer of peat around the willows on top. Below this layer the actual filtering material was added and consisted of 1/3 biochar and 2/3 crushed stone (volume content). The grain size of the biochar was 1-10 mm and for the crushed stone 2-8 mm.