Reimbursement instructions for the travel costs (BSR SUMP workshop)

SUMPs-Up Project offers 25 first registered participants a reimbursement for their travel costs up to 600e. If you wish you receive reimbursement please indicate that in the registration form and you will be informed if your application is accepted as soon as possible.

The following participants are eligible for the reimbursement:

  • Individual representatives of cities that are willing to increase their knowledge on SUMPs, are working with mobility planning and that are not actively engaged in the SUMPs-Up SUMP Learning Programmes (SLP).
  •  Experts working for associations, city networks etc. in the field of mobility planning
  •  Experts in mobility companies and consultancies, engineering and architecture firms, working with cities wanting to expand their knowledge on the SUMP process and available tools
  • Experts in non-mobility departments/organisations that have an interest in SUMP development/implementation. This group can include: Urban planners; Geographers;  Public health practitioners; Environmental health practitioners; City resilience officers; Statisticians and Sustainable mobility advocates.

How to apply reimbursement

The reimbursement process is handled by SUMPs-Up Coordinator ICLEI.

Here you will find the reimbursement form and further explanations: please read them very carefully. Besides the conditions outlined in the attached document please take note that:

- you will take care of all the travel arrangements - book flight, hotel, etc and ICLEI will reimburse you after sending out all the invoices and boarding passes resulted from the trip;
- the maximum amount to be reimbursed will be of 600 euros;
- accommodation costs (at economy rate) for a maximum number of 2 nights;
- only travel arrangements at economy rate and for the cheapest available flights or trains can be reimbursed;
- you can either book your tip via a travel agency or via internet using booking websites;
- you need to send the original invoices via post to us after the event
- in the case of online bookings: we need the paper invoice from the hotel (not the confirmation from for example and invoice + original boarding passes of the tickets. Or if that is lacking the 'declaration of honor' and printed versions. This is explained in the attached file.

Please keep all invoices, receipts and boarding passes!

If you (after reading the explanation concerning the reimbursement attached to this email) have any further questions regarding the reimbursement please reach out to Ana Dragutescu via ana.dragutescu [at], or Liard Kranen via liard.kranen [at] You can also contact Maija Rusanen at UBC SCC, maija.rusanen [at]