Fostering sustainable cooperation between the BSR countries and Ukraine

Fostering sustainable cooperation between the BSR countries and Ukraine

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Policy Area Nutri of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region invites all wastewater treatment professionals and authorities to a seminar to discuss how wastewater treatment sector has developed over time, lessons-learnt and best practices gained and developed recently, and what is the water sector in BSR is working on nowadays.

The seminar organised by EUSBSR Policy Area Nutri is meant for supporting the Ukrainian wastewater authorities and practitioners but can also offer valuable information for people in the Baltic Sea Region.

Speakers in the seminar include practitioners, authorities and ongoing and past projects funded by the Interreg Baltic Sea Region programme. The seminar will have plenty of time reserved for comments and discussions. The seminar will be recorded and seminar’s language will be English.

During this seminar, UBC SCC Deputy Head of Secretariat Agnieszka Ilola will present the recent work in our Commission done for the water-smart cities: the project EMPEREST that started this year and the online platform Baltic Smart Water Hub for a wide range of water experts to exchange on practices, solutions, tools and innovations in the region.

Further, the wastewater treatment plant in the UBC member Turku will present their work on nitrogen and phosphorus removal and addressing hazardous substances (the plant is also a partner in the EMPEREST project led by UBC SCC).

The seminar will be held online on 29 May, at 10:00-15.00 EET (9:00-14.00 CET). Please reserve the date, register and send possible questions to the speakers here: