EUSBSR Workshop on unlocking the nutrient recycling potential

Wednesday, September 30, 2020 - 13:00 to 15:30
BSR Water

EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region Annual Forum Workshop: Unlocking the nutrient recycling potential in the Baltic Sea Region

The accumulation of nutrients in intensive livestock production areas and lack of sustainable solutions to recycle nutrients from wastewaters are critical issues to solve in order to scale up circular economy, mitigate climate change and reduce eutrophication in inland and marine waters in the Baltic Sea Region. Sustainable use and better lifecycle management of plant nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus are important elements of the revised EUSBSR Action Plan and upcoming HELCOM Regional Nutrient Recycling Strategy to be adopted by the Baltic Sea coastal area countries in 2021.

The workshop Unlocking the nutrient recycling potential in the Baltic Sea Region, organised in the framework of the 11th Annual Forum of EUSBSR, will discuss the state-of-the-art in nutrient recycling within and across the two sectors: agriculture and municipal wastewater management. The workshop will be organized on 30 September 2020, 13.00–15.30 CET (14.00–16.30 EET) via Zoom. Participants will have the chance to discuss priority issues and recommendations outlined by the two project platforms BSR WATER and SuMaNu as an input to the update of the post-2020 EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region.

In addition to the keynotes, the event includes thematic groups work on the following topics: 

  • Group A: Boosting the market for recycled fertilizer products
  • Group B: Cooperation towards sustainable phosphorus strategy in the BSR
  • Group C: Reducing pollutants in sewage sludge and ensuring the safety of recovered nutrients

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The workshop invites authorities, practitioners, researchers, innovators – everyone with an idea, challenge, responsibility or a question regarding nutrient recycling or products made with recycled nutrients and interest to develop and accelerate solutions on the international level.

Event Agenda

13:00–13:30 – Welcome and introduction to the workshop topic

13:30–13:45 – Key opportunities and challenges in nutrient recycling

13:45–14:30 – Facilitated discussion in groups and a short break

14:40–15:00 – Feedback from breakout rooms by group moderators

15:00–15:15 – Remarks from HELCOM and EUSBSR Policy Area Nutri and Bioeconomy Coordinators

15:15–15:30 – Closing words


Registration deadline:
21 Sep, 2020