Project expertise

We have almost 20 years of extensive experience in developing and managing European projects with our member cities. The current portfolio consists of many projects focusing on various aspects of sustainable development and environmental issues in the Baltic Sea Region and beyond.

We are a trusted project partner in project management, communication, dissemination as well as trainings and event facilitation. We are working with several sustainability and environmental topics and with a wide variety of funding programmes. Our partners include cities, city networks, ministries, research institutes, consultancies and NGO’s.

Towns and cities in the Baltic Sea Region benefit greatly from European projects in developing into more sustainable and liveable places, but also from the exchange of experiences with their European peers. However, often local authorities struggle with the lack of resources for both project development and their management and coordination. We offer support to the cities throughout the project lifecycle.

For example, UBC Sustainable Cities Commission is one of the organizations with most EUSBSR projects in the funding period 2009-2013 both money wise and in the amount of projects approved.

Project development with cities

We have long experience in developing successful projects. We are able to support our member cities starting from the first idea to the final project application. One of the crucial steps in applying for EU projects is to map suitable funding opportunities. We are able to find the most suitable funding programme for your project idea.

Through our broad project portfolio we have a wide knowledge of different options for project funding for local authorities. We are experienced with e.g. the following funding programmes: Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme 2014-2020, Central Baltic Programme 2014-2020, Central Baltic INTERREG IV A Programme 2007-2013, The Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007-2013, LIFE+, CIVITAS (Framework Programme 7), Intelligent Energy Europe, Nordic Council of Ministers.

Our project development services include:

  • finding the right funding programme,
  • searching for suitable partners to build a consortium,
  • developing the project idea into a concept, and
  • writing successful project proposals.

Managing projects

The international and experienced UBC Sustainable Cities Commission team is used to working within and leading European project consortia. Recently, we have coordinated several large transnational EU funded projects, such as IWAMA, iWater, Baltic Urban Lab, PURE, PRESTO, CHAMP, NEW BRIDGES, MUE-25 and Bustrip.

We have a motivated team that is highly experienced in:

  • Project management and coordination
  • Project financial management
  • Project communication

Depending on the topic in question, UBC Sustainable Cities Commission has also expertise and can contribute in content development.

For any questions regarding project development and project management please contact us!