Free e-courses on sustainable urban planning offered by CIVITAS

The CIVITAS Learning Centre provides capacity-building for urban transport professionals. Enhanced capacities will enable professionals to work more effectively and create larger impacts with their urban mobility projects. By taking part in the CIVITAS Learning Centre, cities can express their commitment to the development of their staff’s professional skills. One of the offerings of the Learning Centre are the so called e-courses.
The main focus of the e-course is to effectively transfer knowledge in an easy and accessible way - it is an individual course that can be followed online. The course covers various topics and ends with an online test. All e-courses start with an introduction on the goals of the e-course, the structure of the course and what is expected of the participant. After sucessful completion of the test the participants recieves a CIVITAS Certificate.
The current catalogue comprises courses on SUMP (Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans), public participation, mobility management (general, for schools, and companies), marketing urban cycling, urban freight, urban traffic management and ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) and more. The catalogue will be further expanded until this summer. The courses are free of charge. Only a simple registration is required.

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More information: Teije Gorris learningcentre [at]