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Привлечение заинтересованных сторон к процессу принятия решений в городах помогает местным властям создавать атмосферу взаимного доверия между гражданами и политиками, что способствует большей прозрачности политических решений, повышает интерес к ним и их принятие.
Type: Publication
The UBC Good Practices Database was developed to answer to the need of local authorities to find practical examples complemented with suitable tools. The practices cover sustainable development in cities including all topics from transport to health and from social aspects to economic instruments - all dimensions of the Aalborg Commitments. (The Database was archived)
Type: Toolkit
Stakeholder involvement processes need to be tailored according to the needs of the local authorities, yet consisting of good basic principles of participatory democracy. The process is transparent and inclusive. It supports the decision-making, offers feedback immediately and makes decisions more binding. The understanding of complicated issues and conflicting arguments increases. The overall…
Type: Publication
Cities and urban areas play a central role in the wellbeing of European citizens, since eighty percent live in urban areas. Cities are a major source of prosperity. They are propellers of growth that radiate vitality far into the surrounding rural areas. The competitiveness of cities is a prerequisite for the European Union's success in global competition.
Type: Environmental Bulletin