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With Christmas nearing and temperatures below zero in many cities throughout the Baltic region, global warming may not come to mind as the most pressing issue. Some might even argue that it would be nice if the mercury would climb a couple of notches in the thermometer.
Type: Environmental Bulletin
The model of an Integrated Management System for local and regional sustainability facilitates a holistic management and the integration of different sectors which are prerequisites for sustainable cities. The whole online tool is available in English. It is also available in Italian, Finnish, Swedish, Hungarian and German. Introduction to IMS is also available in Spanish and Croatian.
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In the Union of the Baltic Cities, we have worked together for more than a decade now. During that time, the amount of our members has more than tripled: from 32 founding cities in 1991 to the current number of 101 member cities. There are good reasons for this great interest. One important factor is, that in our work practical cooperation aiming at mutual benefit has always been essential. We…
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